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Friends of the MCA

The MCA has a long history and many friends with a rich knowledge of all things paddling.   We've gathered some links here of our friends and benefactors.

Cliff Jacobson
Cliff Jacobson is probably the pre-eminent writer about canoe camping in the current day. He is a long time MCA, Inc. member and has published dozens of articles in our MCA Newsletter, MN Paddler (formerly HUT!). Cliff also has many books currently in print and does speaking engagements on a canoe-full of topics.

Rob Kesselring
Rob Kesselring is a long time wilderness paddler. He has published books and many articles about camping and canoeing in wild areas. Rob is also a strong advocate for introducing young people to the wilderness.

Rick Lorenzen
These pages were written by Rick Lorenzen, former Race Director for the MCA. He has taught many people the fine art of marathon racing and writes with a unique style.

Ray's Dream Boats
This is a commercial site run by Ray Klebba, a long time MCA, Inc. member. Ray followed his dream to the Pacific Northwest and continues the boat-building that he began with the MCA.  This site includes a comprehensive article on the history of the canoe and the pioneers of modern cedar strip canoe building - Gene Jensen, Karl L. Ketter, and Irwin Peterson - the founders of the MCA. 

Regional Paddling Links