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4 Restored wood-canvas / wood canoes
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4 Restored wood-canvas / wood canoes


Vintage wood-canvas canoe for sale.

Old Town 1927

16-foot with a 35-inch beam

$2500 OBO


Vintage wood-canvas canoe for sale.

Thompson (we think), 1910

16 feet with a 37-inch beam.

$1,500 OBO


Beautifully restored redwood stripper.

16 feet with a 33" beam

$1500 OBO


B.N. Morris in process

As is, all boards and parts included

16 feet with a 34 inch

$1000 OBO

“What is hard to append to the canoes is their elegance in the water, a near silent glide, their unquestioned stability in the water. What we are transmitting is the history of that stability. There are new wood-canvas canoes available. You could buy one new for $4,500…Yet, if you want an elegant vehicle to paddle on a quiet lake at dusk and watch the deer never even look up as you pass, then this is the boat you are looking for.”

Charles L. Geroux (graduate of The Wooden Boat School in Maine)

Contact Charles at or call 715-552-5828 for more information or to arrange a showing. Canoes are located in Eau Claire, WI. Buyer must pick up.

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