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Monday Night Rookies 
You will sweat and get wet!

Check the Racing Forum for this week's location and cancellations due to weather: 



Pre requisites: Although there are exceptions, we recommend some paddling experience before coming to Rookies. We are a race training group that will happily instruct you, but if you've never been in a canoe before, Rookies is a 'trial by fire' and may not be the best venue to learn to paddle, depending on what you want to get out of the experience. "You have to learn to walk before you can run" goes the old saying; in that analogy Rookies would be a moderate jog, so if you're still learning to crawl getting up to speed will be tough. We have had a few people successfully join the group with no paddling experience, but they work very hard and apply themselves more than average. If you come with very little or no paddling experience, please be prepared to work hard, learn quick and apply yourself fully. If you discover you like Racing, your own boat and paddle will greatly speed your learning curve as well.
So basically, motivation, learning, and paddling hard is key to participate in Rookies. We are a fast moving group that loves to race and share our experience with others. We will work with you wherever you're at, but expect to paddle hard and sweat!
  • Casual Paddling: If you're looking for more casual, relaxed paddling opportunities, check out the River Ramblers . 

What: Get advice and instruction on canoe racing. Veteran racers come to share their experience with the Rookies. Its a nice fitness paddle that lasts about 2 hours. We practice proper technique, buoy turns, race starts, paddling in a pack, in water recovery (intentional and by accident), race strategy, and whatever else comes up.

When: Every Monday, 5:45-8pm, weather permitting May-October. We're a pretty hardy group, so we paddle in most conditions, the exceptions being lightning, moderate sustained rain, or extreme wind. We will post of  the Racing Forum if Rookies is canceled as soon as we determine the weather is uncooperative. The link is at the top of the page.

Where: Please check the Racing Forum for updates on where Rookies will be held this week. Updates are usually posted Friday afternoon.

Cost: Free to MCA members, $5 for non-members (annual membership is only $20! Sign up now, or we will have sign up forms at Rookies)

What to bring: The MCA will usually bring six Jensen 18 canoes, bent shaft paddles and PFDs you can use. If you have your own boat/equipment, please bring it! We often have good turn out and need all the boats we can get. See the Pro Tips below for some other things to bring. Note that we Wet Launch all our boats. This means you'll get wet up to your knees evey time! Expect to get your legs wet at minimum.
  • Note for early and late season paddling: Please bring a dry bag with a change of warm clothes in the event of a capsize. You'll be very thankful to have it if you need it, and its unsafe to paddle in cold water without a backup plan. If you dont have a dry bag, just bring some extra clothes. The regulars will have some extra room for your stuff.

Afterwards: The group commonly goes out for food, drink and socializing nearby
See you soon!
Pro Tips; What the Pros bring:
  • Swimming trunks or fitness attire that can get wet
  • Water shoes (we 'wet foot' or 'wet launch' all boats. This means you need to get in knee deep water during launch and take out)
  • Drinking water (a lot when its hot)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes (for food afterwards)
  • A gallon of water (leave it in your car and you'll have warm water to off rinse with after the paddle. This is especially nice if you take an accidental dump in the Mississippi)
  • (If you have a paddle, PFD, or boat like a MNII, Sundowner, Jensen, Cruiser, or Pro boat please bring them too)