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Regarding Root River - I gave them a call and shipping would be in the neighborhood of $20 or more. Their not really setup for that I guess.

Wood From The Hood: I'll have to wait until 2nd Saturday of the month for their store to be open - that'll be July 9. If they have what I'm looking for that will be the most cost effective. (Otherwise I would have to take off work during the week day)

Might be worth the trip just to see what they have in general because I'm starting to remodel the interior of my home.

We've sourced local ash for some house projects from Wood from the Hood. Might be worth checking to see what they have in stock, especially with the removal of ash trees around the city.

Thanks! I was hoping to find more local, but it's probably just so much easier to get it shipped anyway.


Root River Hardwoods in Preston, MN probably has what you’re looking for. 507-765-2284 is their phone number.

Good luck

addendum: Jeeze, first post and I misspell "thwart" in the subject line. <sigh>

I'm going to add a sliding seat to my Old Town Pack and seem to be having trouble finding Ash here in the Twin City area. Suggestions where I can purchase? Sherer Brothers in Hopkins can only get 1/2 in Ash. I don't know if that's thick enough.

My plan is add a thwart where the back of the seat hung, replace the front thwart for aesthetics to match the rear, and then hang a couple rails from them for the seat to slide on. Minimal and non-permanent changes to the canoe that way.

Is there an alternative to Ash?

The current dimension of the front thwart is 3/4 thick, 1 1/2 wide, and about 28 in long. I was thinking of hanging 36 inch x 1 inch round's that I have, or Ash matching the thwarts.

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