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Boat Building

Source for Ash for thwart and seat
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Eugene Hollingsworth

I'm going to add a sliding seat to my Old Town Pack and seem to be having trouble finding Ash here in the Twin City area. Suggestions where I can purchase? Sherer Brothers in Hopkins can only get 1/2 in Ash. I don't know if that's thick enough.

My plan is add a thwart where the back of the seat hung, replace the front thwart for aesthetics to match the rear, and then hang a couple rails from them for the seat to slide on. Minimal and non-permanent changes to the canoe that way.

Is there an alternative to Ash?

The current dimension of the front thwart is 3/4 thick, 1 1/2 wide, and about 28 in long. I was thinking of hanging 36 inch x 1 inch round's that I have, or Ash matching the thwarts.

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