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2013 Rookie Racers Updates and Info
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10/7 We're getting near the end of Rookies, but it looks like this week will still be nice, so LETS DO IT! We'll try to be on the water right at 6, or maybe a little before since we lose light around 7.

The temperature getting cool enough that it is a good idea to bring a dry bag with a change of clothes, or at least have a change in the car. Hopefully you dont need it, but you'll sure be glad you have it if you do!

Also, there is a great deal on a 47" ZRE Power Surge Light. Bryan on rivermiles is only asking $190. Ive talked with him in the past and is a legit seller. Contact him through rivermiles if you're interested:
9/30 There's still a smaller group of people showing up for Rookies so come on down. Bring your boats if you can. Since its getting dark ~7:20, please try to be there around 5:45 so we can still get a good hour on the water.
9/23 Its a windy one but we still have a couple Rookies left! bring a boat and your windbreaker!
9/9 Its going to be a HOT one. Bring your water and boats and we'll see you out there
9/2 A smallish labor day group will still be around the usual spot and time. Bring a boat!
8/26 its RIDICULOUSLY hot today, but we press on and paddle! Bring lots of water and an extra shirt to wet down to keep you cool. We'll probably do a more low-key rookies tonight so we dont all die from heat exhaustion =)

At least Punch has AC, right?
8/19 Bring your boats and enjoy the nice weather! It looks like another great night for Rookies
8/12 Another beautiful day for paddling at the East river flats!

We've been having trouble getting the boat trailer to Rookies so please being a boat if you can. We are working on getting a permanent solution worked out in the near future.
8/5 We live to paddle a new day! See you at the usual spot. Bring a boat if you can!
7/29 Weather looks great! Usual spot and time.
7/22 Usual spot, usual time. Looks like a possibility of rain; if its questionable Ill post it on here at 4:30 if Rookies is canceled.


Looks like a nice day, usual spot, usual time!
7/8 The river is back to normal levels so we will be meeting at the usual spot, the East River Flats on the Mississippi at 5:30
7/1 Since the Mississippi water levels are boarder line dangerous for inexperienced paddlers, we're going to move Rookies to Long Lake for a week or 2, depending on how long the high water levels last.

We're meeting at the South boat landing on Long Lake just off of 694 and long lake road at 5:30. Here's a link to where we'll be meeting:,-93.197762&hl=en&num=1&t=h&z=19

It sounds like the trailer with the 6 Jensen boats wont make it, so bring a boat (or 2) if you have them,

We'll plan on going a couple laps around the lake and maybe practice some sprint starts.

If you've never looked at it, check out the river flow map from the USGS. There's a ton of water in the state right now! Check out the 'Hydrograph' tab for a graph of recent water levels.

6/24 Its going to be a hot one! bring water and sunblock! Last chance to train before the Tri-loppet! See you out there

The river is 3ft higher than last week, so be prepared for some strong current and a harder than average paddle

We've had 20-26 people the last few weeks and still have more boats available!
the trailer with our canoes is in for repairs so there will be no MCA Jensens at rookies this week. If you have a canoe (or 2) please bring them today!  The usual faces do a good job of bringing boats, so we should still have ten or more depending on how things turn out. It looks like there could be a passing shower, but we never let a little water scare us away! see you there

If you're new please join the MCA! We're a fun group to be a part of!

Also, dont forget about the Loppet/MCA canoe sprints on Saturday, Jun 29. Pre regristration is required on the Loppet website. There is a $300 prize for first place with $150 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd!

6/10 looks like the weather should be great. Hope to see you there.

Invite a friend!
6/3 Looks like a beautiful day today! Hope to see you there!
5/27 update

The Jensen boats wont be there so bring your canoe if you can. Some of the group will be out of town. It sounds like a smaller group will still show up. If weather looks questionable check back here for an update around 3:00 on monday.
Monday 5/20 update: The rain looks like it will stay away for the evening. Rookies is ON! see ya there.

Looks like rain earlier tomorrow but hopefully it will clear up in time for Rookies. Check back here around 3:00 for an update if the weather is questionable. Otherwise if its nice, its obviously on!
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