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2014 Monday Night Rookies Info and Updates
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We'll keep it going at the East River Flats on the U of M campus. The river is calm and the trees are starting to change which should make for a nice paddle. 5:45, bring a boat (or 2) if you can. With the cooler weather, a dry bag and change of clothes might be a good idea too. The water was chilly last week!,-93.233598

See ya there
We're doing a throw back rookies at the East River Flats on the U of M campus, 5:45, bring a boat (or 2) if you can. With the cooler weather, a dry bag and change of clothes might be a good idea too.,-93.233598

See ya there
Rookies, Cedar Lake, West Beach, 5:45! Looks like a beautiful day for it. Get em in while you can! We dont have too many left!

See you there,
It looks like a nice day for paddling! come join us at Cedar Lake, west beach, 5:45. As usual, bring and boat and paddles if you got em'.,-93.326513

See you there!
Hey all,
We're hosting a mini round robin this Thursday at Cedar Lake! We'll do a format similar to Al's Round Robin, so everyone will paddle with everyone else! (if we get a ton of people this may change, but we'll plan on a full round robin unless the number of participants dictate otherwise)

We'll start at 6:30 from the West beach on Cedar lake, where we've been doing Rookies lately. The only boats allowed are Jensen 18's. We will bring the MCA trailer with 6 of them. If you have a J18 and want to bring it, you can, but you don't need to.

The races will be short, probably around 2 minutes per round. It will be a very short out and back race with 1-3 buoy turns. We'll send out 3 boats at a time with the other 3 getting ready.

This is also a fun spectator event as you'll always be close to the action and there will be close finishes! Invite people along to watch!

Cost: Free to MCA members or $5 for non members (sign up to be a member at the top of the navigation bar on the left of this page)

What: a Round Robin race, short races, around 2-3 minutes per race with 1-3 buoy turns. Number of rounds will depend on the number of participants.


Time: Start races at 6:30, arrive around 5:45-6:00. (earlier is better, as it will help us setup the brackets)

water, sunblock, paddle. We will provide the boats and PFD's.

Win: respect and admiration of your fellow races, and the right to remind them in the future how you beat them =)
Hope to see you there!
Well, NOAA says 80% chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, so a successful Rookies would require some luck, but if the rain hold off lets change things up a bit and do it at Long Lake in New Brighton. Bring boats if you got em. If the weather is questionable Ill post here around 4:00 with an update,-93.197754
Looks like another beautiful Monday and another beautiful day for paddling on Cedar Lake, 5:45, bring boats and know the drill!,-93.326513

See you there!
Cedar Lake.
Bring a boat and life vests if you have them.

Lets hope we're on the right side of a 40% chance of rain. Check back here if its questionable.,-93.326513

See you there!
Rookies at Cedar Lake! 5:45pm. Bring a boat if you have one. It looks like we should have a beautiful evening for once!,-93.326513

See you there!
Rookies is back at Cedar Lake this week. 5:45pm. Bring a boat if you have one,-93.326513

See you there!
The Long Lake Lap is this Saturday and the Jensen Handicap is Sunday! If you're a Rookie looking to try out a race the Jensen Handicap is specifically designed for inexperienced racers! Come give it a try.
Well, Monday seems to be a cursed day this year and the trend continues with a 40% chance of rain tomorrow. Assuming we luck out, we'll be in the Mississippi at the East River Flats at 5:45 (dare I say, a 'normal' Rookies?!),-93.233592

See you there!
Although its not here yet, the inevitable is coming our way...A fairly strong storm is going to be here right around 6, so rookies is canceled.

Paddle at your own discretion. The storm should be here right around 6, so keep that in mind if you're hell bent on paddling.
A storm is predicted to roll in between 5 and 6, so stay tuned for a cancellation notice if that holds true. If there's moderate sustained rain or any thunder/lightning around 5:10 we'll call it off. As usual, you're free to paddle at your own discretion regardless.
Finally a break from the deluge of rain! The Mississippi is back to normal levels, so we'll do Rookies at the normal spot on the East River Flats, 5:45. We've been having good turnout lately, so bring a boat if you can!,-93.233592

See you there!
Just as we get a break from the rain, we get more! Due to a Mississippi river that wont go down, we'll do Rookies on Cedar Lake again. Same spot as the last couple weeks. If you have boats, paddles, or PFDs, please bring them as we have been getting great turnout lately.

Reminder: bring $1.50 in quarters if you want to park in the lot, otherwise you can park across the street for free.

Here's the spot:,-93.326513&num=1&t=h&z=20

See you there!
Due to record rainfall, Rookies will be held on Cedar Lake again. A heads up: up you'll need $1.50 in quarters to park in the parking lot, otherwise you can park across the street for free. They dont have a nice payment terminal that takes credit cards at this location.

Here's the spot:,-93.326513&num=1&t=h&z=20

See ya there!
Well, mother nature isn't cooperating very much this year, and it looks like Rookies is rained out again! The MCA boats wont be there, and turnout is questionable. Die hard paddlers, go out at your own discretion, but my guess is its a small group if any.
Well, the river almost went down enough to go back to the Mississippi, but with up to an inch of rain expected this weekend the river will rise, so we'll do Rookies at Cedar Lake again. Same spot as last week, 5:45.

Here's where we're meeting:,-93.326513&num=1&t=h&z=20

We'll see you there!

Also, there's a good deal on 2 Power Surge Extreme paddles right now:
Act fast if you want one (or 2!) as they will go quickly
The Mississippi was very high and fast last week, and its now 20" higher! In light of that, we will be doing Rookies on Cedar Lake. You can park in the neighborhood if the parking lot is full. The exact spot is linked below.,-93.326513&num=1&t=h&z=20

We hope to see you out there!

Also, check out how high the rivers are! the USGS has a great site for tracking river levels here and across the nation:

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