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2018 Rookie Racers Training Sessions
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There won't be Rookies tonight, with the sun setting at 6:16 tonight there just isn't enough sunlight to paddle anymore. See you next year around late March or early April. Look forward to seeing you on the water then.
Sunlight is getting scarce and the water is getting cold so tonight will be the last Rookies training session of the year. Come paddle with us tonight. We’ll be starting at the southwest parking lot of Cedar Lake at 5:30.
Due the rain coming in, we're cancelling Rookies today (10/8/18). See you next week.
The rain should move out this afternoon. We'll be paddling at 5:30 at Cedar Lake. Hope to see you there.
Rookies is tentatively on for tonight. If the storm sticks around we'll cancel. Watch for updates.
The fall Rookies paddling sessions start today (9/10) and will through October. These sessions start at 5:30 at the southwest parking late Cedar Lake. These training sessions are open to all. $5/session for non-MCA members and free for MCA members. See you there!
Due to the holiday and lack of availability of coaching paddlers, there will no Rookies today (Sept 3, 2018). We'll be back on schedule next Monday and Rookies will run through October.
No Rookies today. Strong storms are forecasted this evening (August 27th, 2018).
Due to high likelihood of strong thunderstorms tonight, Rookies is tentative. We will update later as the evening draws nearer.
It’s a great day for a paddle. Come meet us for Monday Night Rookie Paddle training at Cedar Lake. We’ll start at 5:45 at the southwest parking lot.
Meet us at 5:45 today at Cedar Lake for Rookies. We’ll be doing some video analysis of paddle strokes if you’re interested.
We’re at Cedar Lake today. See you at 5:45.
We’re at Cedar Lake today. See you at 5:45 at the southwest parking lot.
We’re paddling at Cedar Lake at 5:45 today (June 18th) for Rookies. The rain is moving out and this evening should be perfect for paddling.

Rookies is a canoe race training program open to all interested in performance paddling. $5/session for non-members and free MCA members. Boat, paddles, PFDs, and paddling partners will be provided. See you there.
We’ll be there with the canoes. We’ll paddle if it’s raining, we won’t if there’s lightning.
Rookies is tentatively on for tonight at 5:45 at Cedar Lake. storms are in the area but they may miss us. We will provide updates as they day progresses.
Rookies will be at Cedar Lake today (June 4th). We're meeting at the southwest parking lot at 5:45. As usual boats, paddles, PFDs, and paddling partners will be available for all.
No Rookies today due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

Hope to see you next week or this Thursday at the Hoigaard’s Paddle Derby.
Monday Night Rookie Racers training will be at Cedar Lake tomorrow. We'll meet at the southwest parking lot at 5:45.
We plan on practicing race starts and buoy turns in preparation for the upcoming Hoigaard's Paddle Derby!
Monday Night Rookies training session will be back at the East River Flats on the Mississippi River tomorrow (May 7th). See you there at 5:45.
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